Marquee Hire

Over the years we have worked on many different styles of marquees, from frame structures, tensile, traditional to big tops. 

Currently for most of the events we supply for we now use frame marquees. These are incredibly versatile and can be used unlined for casual events, of fully dressed with solid doors, linings and flooring for more formal functions. Further details of the marquee hire options that we offer are below.

Frame marquees

The frame marquees we stock are freestanding structures using a metal frame to support the covering material. This material is made of plain white fire retardant plastic.

Our structures are clear span; this style has the framework built section by section at full height, the plastic is then pulled through the extrusion in the metal frame. These structures are a good option if there are obstacles on site that need to be incorporated within the marquee.

Sizes available are 3m, 6m, 9m widths, they are extendable by 3m bays, they can also be linked together if a larger area is required. They do not have internal poles so give you a nice clear area to set up for your function. We can also include add on bays for additional areas such as catering and entrance marquees.

Our marquees are plain white plastic with either panoramic or Georgian walls. We can also supply clear roof and gable panels if required.

This style is often ideal where maximum space is a priority. Stakes are fixed at the feet which enables you to fully utilise the space available.

Pagoda marquees

We also stock pagoda/ Chinese hat style structures. These are the smaller pointed style modular units, they can be linked to give a larger area if required. As stand alone units they are ideal for gardens and as entrance marquees to larger structures. These are available as 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

Size guide for frame & pagoda marquees

When you have an idea of the number of guests you are expecting, you need to decide what size of marquee you require.

We have put together a sizing chart to give you an idea of your options. This is a guide only as each event is different. It is important to allow additional space for dance floors, bars and buffet areas. The maximum seating numbers are based on wall to wall tables.

We recommend contacting us to go through your options in more detail and get the right size for your event.


Tent Planner is an interactive tool that enables you to design your own event with MHC Events. It enables you to choose the type of tent you would like, position the tent at your event location using a Google Earth image and design the layout of the contents such as furniture, dance floors, toilets and bars. Once you have finished designing the layout of your event, fill in your contact details and press send. This sends your event plan directly to MHC Events to provide a quotation on.


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