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Marquee Hire Prices

Marquee Hire Prices

Marquee hire prices, furniture hire prices & accessories hire prices.

Prices are plus VAT at 20%

Site Suitability

Marquee prices below are based on a number of assumptions. Firstly, reasonable access to the build site (minimal carrying from our vehicles) as well as the marquee going on one level. Finally, being able to stake into the ground. Accordingly, if you would like your structure to be built on hard standing (or any site that cannot have stakes in the ground) or are on a multi-level site, additional charges will apply. If you would like more information about site suitability, please contact us.

Additionally, we offer free delivery to areas close to us including but not limited to: Chelmsford, Ongar, Bishop’s Stortford and Great Dunmow. aside from these areas, a delivery/collection charge will be added.

What's Included?

Since every event is different, we tailor make quotes to suit your event. Individual preferences, such as linings, type of flooring or additional lighting will affect overall price. The charts below show the cost of having wooden underfloor and carpet, however these are optional. The choices you decide upon will depend on budget available and finish you are aiming for. Lighting on the pricelist is based on cream chandeliers, other options are available if preferred. Please see accessories price list below for lighting ideas.

We standardly supply some window walls within the marquee price. Window walls are available in either clear panoramic or arched Georgian style to complement your structure. The number of windows included will vary depending on the size marquee you select. A charge would apply though if you required additional window walls, price shown below.

What Size Marquee do I Need?

We have included a rough guide to the maximum number of seated guests each size would fit. Please be aware that because marquees are used for many different events this number will change. The number listed is based on wall to wall 5ft round tables, so most clients will want larger tables and to remove some of them to allow for other items needed. Additional items that you might want to add in are bar, dance floor, DJ, Stage etc so please allow additional space for these. We are always happy to discuss your individual needs to help you choose the best size marquee for your event.

We have a table of sizes of our frame marquee and how many people can comfortably fit inside each size which you can find here.

If you would like additional information on marquee hire prices or what items we have available, please telephone or email us. Having a chat with you enables us to send you an accurate quotation tailored for your individual needs. Quotations are free of charge and you are under no obligation to make a booking.

If on mobile we recommend viewing our Price List PDF for ease of use. Those on desktop can do so or alternatively use the drop down menus below.


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