Frequently asked questions

Holding an event can be great fun but organising it can be a bit daunting if you haven’t done it before. Below are some answers to questions we get asked that might be of help.

How much does a marquee cost?

Marquee prices really do range from a few hundred pounds up to thousands. All items are listed individually to allow you to add and remove as required. So it really does depend on how formal or casual you would like your event.

What size marquee do I need?

The size structure you need depends on the type of event you are planning, you need to consider things such as if you want your guests to be seated, standing or part and part. What additional items you would like in the structure i.e. stage, bar area or dancefloor. We have a holding Chart which should give you a general idea but please feel free to contact us for help working this out.

How long is your hire period?

As a general rule weekend events are delivered on a Thursday or Friday to suit you and mid-week by arrangement, dismantle is generally on a Monday or Tuesday. We try to be flexible in regard to delivery/collection. Depending on where you are putting your marquee may effect this as different sites do have their own rules on access times. We will always try to arrange convenient times with you. If the hire period required is for a second weekend (Inc. build/dismantle) an additional costs will apply.

Can I just hire accessories from you or do I have to have a marquee as well?

All of our items can be hired independently, so you can just hire what you actually need. A number of our clients have their own gazebo style marquees and just hire the flooring and lighting from us.

Can I hire a marquee in the winter?

Marquee heating is very effective so hiring them for winter events is certainly an option. What you should bear in mind is that due to additional items you would need in the winter such as the heating and wooden underflooring the hire price can be a bit higher at this time of year.

Do I need wooden underfloor?

Wooden underflooring really does give a nice finish to a marquee so on some sites and in certain weather conditions it is advised. However if your event is on a nice level ground and it isn’t waterlogged it is not essential. Most of our summer functions opt not to add it on to keep costs down.

Can I open the sides of the marquee?

The sides to the marquees open easily and if the weather is nice this can be lovely. We carry out weather checks as part of the onsite safety check so will advise if you are due any adverse conditions.

Do I need insurance to hire a marquee?

We carry public and employee liability insurance, which some sites will ask to see. In regards to carrying your own policy for your event we do recommend it. This is purely for your own peace of mind and we do not insist on it. Whilst hiring our equipment you are responsible for your guest behaviour so if any damage does occur it could end up costing you money. Event insurance policies are often not expensive and can be set up to cover all aspects of your event. The insurance company we use are very good and you can get a quotation from them at www.covermarque.com

Are your marquees safe?

We currently stock clearspan frame marquees, these all comply with British Standards. Frames are designed to a very high spec and are vigorously tested in various conditions including wind loading. We complete on site safety checks and our equipment is regularly maintained. Extreme weather can and does effect marquees, especially high winds so it is really important that we are aware of weather and ground conditions during your hire period. Bad weather can effect build times but we will always do our best to maintain schedules and make clients aware of any changes needed. We pride ourselves on our safety record and will always work in the best interest of safety for your event. Included in your hire is a 24hr call out service so you know if you have any concerns we are available.

Can you build the marquee on a slope?

Slight slopes will not generally be an issue, what you need to remember is that the slope will still be there so it may affect the best way to lay out your interiors. If you have a severe slope this can be overcome with Scaffolding flooring but the price to supply this can cause a large increase to costs. If the uneven ground is at your own or a families private residence an alternative can be to have the garden levelled. Price wise this could work out as a better option and also means a permanent solution as opposed to a temporary one.

Can I change my order once I have confirmed?

Due to the high demand for marquees during the summer season it is advised to book well in advance to ensure availability. We realise that as your event approaches you may need to make changes to your order. This is especially true for final number of guests, we will always do our best to accommodate any changes you need however this is subject to stock availability at the time.

What electrics do you supply or do I need?

We will run the relevant leads from the items we are supplying to your power source, for smaller events at home this can often be your household supply. We use LED lighting on most jobs so our power demand is quite low. However for some functions, either ones with suppliers needing more power or on a site which no power service is available a generator will be needed. We do not supply these directly but can recommend and advise on size if you need us to.